Saturday 18 Apr 2015
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JACKSONVILLE, Florida (November 18, 2013) – iStart Jax is pleased to announce the launch of an ambitious program, E-Mindset. Short for Entrepreneurial Mindset, E-Mindset is a revolutionary and globally proven program focusing on engaging and inspiring underprivileged women and young adults on the fundamental concepts of the entrepreneurial mindset and its unlimited potential.

According to a recent study by The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, nearly 2.4 million college graduates cannot find employment in their area of study. That’s 80 percent of college graduates. The study also states that 54 percent of Millennials (ages 18-34) would like to start a business, but only 11 percent plan to do so.

iStart Jax, in association with Kauffman Laboratories for Enterprise Creation and local corporate sponsors including Florida Blue and The Jaguars Foundation, is working to reach its goal of empowering 1,000 participants with transformative experiences of the entrepreneurial mindset.

 “As a community working together, we can make this happen,” explained MJ Charmani, Founder and Chairman of iStart Jax.We need to create a whole new generation of youth who are job creators vs. job seekers. We will work with community champions, entrepreneurs, and leaders to reach our goal”.

E-Mindset-logoE-Mindset will be offered in a five-weekend format. Participants will go through a hands-on curriculum, which includes case studies of people with limited resources that have triumphed over hardship and adversity by embracing an entrepreneurial mindset. The overall objective is to empower learners through the development of entrepreneurial thinking while immersing them in real-world entrepreneurial experiences.

“It’s our responsibility as a society to provide our youth with the tools and guidance they need to take charge of their own futures and have a beneficial impact on their local communities,” said Yash Nath, CEO and President of iStart Jax Business Accelerator.

To sponsor an underprivileged women or young adult, please donate at

More information on the program is available at


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